The WASH Campaign has been initiated by the WAter Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council, geneva (WSSCC). PIEDAR is WSSCC's Pakistan WASH Campaign Coordinator
  At the dawn of the 21st Century, some 1.1 billion people on Earth are still without access to a safe water supply and over 2.4 billion are without adequate sanitation. Rapid population growth during the 1990's, particularly in the world's megacities has meant that, bgy 2000, an estimated 620 million more people gained access to water supply and some 435 million mre people had accesss to sanitation during the International Decade for Water Supply and Sanitation (1981-1990) to meet these basic needs, there remains a tremendous backlog in terms of the billions of unserved people, mostly the poor and marginalized citizens living in squalid, unhealthy environments in the developing world.
  The wash Camapaign is a political and social imperative because: